Magic Lessons - Colorado Springs

About the Magic Lessons

 The Magic Corner Workshop is:

             Who: For anyone interested in learning Magic. 

             What: Monthly Magic Lessons.

                         - Lessons are focused on different subjects throughout the year.

                         - Teach magic to all skill levels.

                         - Help with creating a Magic Show/ Routine.

                         - Do you own Magic apparatus and not sure how it's used or what                                                 it's for? I can help. 

                         - Once a year we put on a Magic Show for you to show off your new skills.

             When: 3rd or 4th Friday of every month. 6 to 8 pm.

             Where: Home address. Information made available by signing up to

                           our mailing list.

             Why: To help encourage and grow the next generation of Magicians 

             How: Sign up to the Workshop Mailing List by filling out the "Contact Us" form. 

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By signing up with our mailing list, you will receive emails outlining the Magic Lesson Subjects along with the date for the lessons. 1st visit to the workshop is FREE. $10/ person thereafter.  Come check us out!

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